Neutrals cleaned aluminum parts with chrome-like finish (high brightness)

Buffed Aluminum Part Manufacturer

A manufacturer of high shine (almost chrome-like) buffed aluminum parts needed to preserve the high shine on the parts while still getting them clean. They had used a traditional alkaline cleaner to clean parts in spray washers, but the parts came out of the washer more dull than they were going in. By using the ES-5005 2X CONCENTRATE neutral cleaner:

  • The buffed aluminum parts met or exceeded cleanliness specifications with minimal wiping
  • The high shine was perfectly preserved after passing through the spray washer (even with a wash temperature of 160°F)
  • The possibility of etching the aluminum was completely eliminated due to the true neutral pH of the ESS neutral cleaner
  • The alkaline calcification and hardness build up in the washers was removed automatically over time
  • As a result of switching to the ESS neutral cleaner, the buffed aluminum parts were clean and the chrome-like finish (high brightness) was preserved after exiting the wash process.