Advantages of Neutral – ESS true cleaners have a number of important benefits

ESS true neutral cleaners have a number of important benefits, including:

  • Considered to be non-hazardous by OSHA standards when compared to corrosive alkaline cleaners, reducing worker exposure issues and risks
  • Do not contain inorganic ingredients (like silicates and caustics) that can leave residueah bonding, welding, or coating operations
  • Splits out oils automatically allowing for easy skimming, recovery with possible re-use, longer bath life and, overall, lower soap costs
  • Eliminates calcifications and scale build up in the washers, eliminating the need for periodic acid boil outs. ESS neutrals will actually remove the accumulated build up over time. The current record is over 15 years without a single acid boil out or washer neutralization on a washer!
  • Eliminates the need for washer maintenance personnel to wear moonsuits, gloves and other protective clothing (other than the basics like safety glasses)
  • Eliminates the need for wastewater pH adjustment (assuming the soils being cleaned do not contribute to pH outside neutral range) prior to treatment or discharge
  • Will not attack soft metals like aluminum, copper, and brass with no need for a corrosion inhibitor
  • When using a rust inhibited product, truly multi-metal safe with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals washed through the same washer
  • Neutral pH of wastewater prevents regulated heavy metal ions from solubilizing into solution, thus simplifying wastewater treatment and allowing more consistent compliance
  • Will pass through virtually all types of filters (including micro filters) without selective ingredient removal, thus extending bathlife, allowing for higher soil removals and even allowing for soap re-use
  • Available in a 2X concentrates that can cut freight charges in half (because it is like getting two totes in one)