About ESS

December 6, 2010

Since 1993, Environmentally Sensitive Solutions, Inc. has developed and produced safer and more environmentally friendly cleaning products for industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

Here are some highlights:

  • The hallmark of ESS aqueous cleaning chemistry is getting equivalent or better cleaning performance at a neutral pH than more hazardous cleaners containing solvents, alkaline or acid cleaners
  • The majority of ESS cleaning products across all categories have a true neutral pH (6.5 – 7.5) and are not just partially neutralized alkaline or acid cleaners
  • ESS neutral cleaners are considered to be non-hazardous with low-to-no regulated VOC
  • ESS are always less expensive than alkaline cleaners on a total usage cost basis (by reducing costs like lost time accidents, equipment wear and tear, washer clean out labor, part etching and wastewater treatment)
  • ESS neutral cleaners are also typically competitively priced to alkaline cleaners on a cost per gallon basis
  • By replacing alkaline cleaners, ESS neutral cleaners reduce process cleaning costs!


ESS was founded by an experienced cleaning formulation chemist with a simple goal: to replace existing hazardous cleaning products with safer, more environmentally friendly options. Back in 1993 when no one new what “green” cleaners were, ESS was replacing hazardous, corrosive alkaline cleaners used in process parts washing. No one really cared how safe and environmentally friendly they were if they did not adequately clean parts at a competitive price. If process parts could not be painted or plated or boxed because they were not clean enough, it did not matter how environmentally friendly the cleaner was!

The theory was simple: if a cleaner works as well or better, costs the same or less, and by the way, is safer and more environmentally friendly – then that is a win for everyone! That is still the ESS philosophy today. Cleaning does not have to be hazardous. With neutral cleaning technology, hazardous cleaners are now virtually obsolete for many many cleaning applications.

ESS efforts were recognized in 2004 when it won the Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Excellence in Environmental Performance. Other winners that year included Target Corporation, General Motors Truck, GE Medical Systems, Green Bay Packaging, Rockwell Automation, S.C. Johnson and Sons and Placon Corporation. By replacing alkaline and solvent cleaners with ESS neutrals, over 83 million pounds of hazardous materials were eliminated from the environment over a five year period. Today, that total is estimated to be more than five times that amount.

As a small, family-owned company, ESS is capable of addressing all of your cleaning needs competently and quickly. Do you have a unique cleaning challenge or just wish to make a cleaning process safer and more environmentally friendly, contact ESS today!

Shift to Neutral today because ESS truly is the Neutral Solution!

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