What are 2X concentrates?

December 6, 2010

Alkaline products that have stability and shelf life limitations due to the high loading of inorganic ingredients like silicates and hydroxides. Water can only hold so much before these ingredients can fall out or precipitate out of solution (become insoluble). Ingredients becoming insoluble will adversely affect product cleaning performance and shelf life. In addition, the more concentrated an alkaline cleaner becomes, the more hazardous it becomes (typically).

Neutrals, on the other hand, do not have those formulation limitations. ESS neutrals can be concentrated without the performance, solubility and shelf life issues of alkaline cleaners.

Why is this important?

ESS neutrals can save significant freight costs because buying a 2X concentrate is in essence like getting two containers in one. Instead of shipping two containers of normal strength material, only one container of the 2X material is shipped, which has several advantages:

– Shipping fewer containers can cut freight costs roughly in half

– Using the 2X concentrate saves money on soap costs! The 2X concentrates have an equalized cost savings of roughly 20% per gallon when compared to 1X strength material

– Fewer containers needed for the same amount of cleaner saves valuable floor space, particularly in cellular manufacturing

A simple adjustment would then be made to adding soap to the washer. For instance, to maintain 5.0% concentration on a 500 gallon wash tank, 25 gallons of normal strength material would be added. For the ESS neutral 2X concentrate, only 12.5 gallons would be needed to maintain that same 5.0%. Basically, since the ESS neutral is 2 times more concentrated than the normal strength material, only half as much is needed to maintain cleaning efficacy.