Super Concentrates

December 6, 2010

Are you a lubricant/coolant manufacturer or distributor with an interest in an easy and cost effective way to offer neutral cleaners?

Are you looking to supplement your existing line of traditional alkaline cleaners with safer and “greener” cleaning alternatives? Then ESS neutral Super Concentrates may be for you!

ESS Super Concentrates allow manufacturers to offer ready to use pre-formulated neutral products made through simple dilution. ESS Super Concentrates give companies with even limited manufacturing capability the ability to easily offer neutral products that have a proven track record. Once diluted to the desired concentration, the neutral products can be private-labeled and offered for sale.

Here is how it works: Virtually all ESS neutral products are available as 3X or 4X Super Concentrates, including products that contain and do not contain a rust inhibitor

  • Simple dilution is all that is required to dilute these products down with water to the normal 1X strength
  • Because all ESS neutral cleaners are highly water soluble, there is very little mixing required
  • Super Concentrates are available in drums and totes
  • Super Concentrates are cost effective because 1 drum of 4X Super Concentrate makes up 4 drums of normal 1X strength material

If you already offer lubricants, coolants and alkaline cleaners to the metalworking industry and wish to expand the product line to offer neutral cleaners, then ESS Super Concentrates are a great, affordable option!

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